Group Travel

Have you dreamed about traveling with your closest friends, family or followers but are
overwhelmed with putting together all the details? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we specialize in the details!

We can create a vacation experience customized to your groups shared interests and
preferences. We will take care of the “nitty gritty” so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your trip.

Besides traveling with family and friends, this is also an excellent opportunity for chefs, brewers, wine makers and others in the culinary industry to travel with existing fans and followers. You can promote your expertise while traveling around the world.

Some ideas to inspire you:

● Spend a week in Tuscany and Umbria attending wine tastings, visiting vineyards, and
learning new recipes in cooking classes while also exploring small hilltop towns and
taking in all the amazing views. Good for: foodies, wine lovers, cheese fans
● Take a wine-themed river cruise in southern France through Burgundy and Provence.
Besides indulging in the regional wines and meals, you’d also have time to explore the
small towns and countryside. Your river cruise is your floating hotel so there is no need
to keep packing and unpacking during your journey. Good for: foodies, wine lovers,
cheese fans.
Wine-themed cruises also available in Portugal (Port wine) and through
● Explore the Trappist (and non-Trappist) breweries in Belgium and the Netherlands. A
private driver will take you to these rural breweries where you can enjoy cold brews
direct from the source. Also visit small towns like Brugge and Ghent and also bigger
cities like Amsterdam (which has a burgeoning beer scene with several breweries and
craft beer bars). Belgium and Holland are also known for their delicious cheeses and
to-die-for chocolates. Good for: foodies, beer drinkers, cheese fans and chocolate

● Say “cheese” and eat a lot of it, too! Perfect for cheesemongers and other cheese
enthusiasts, we can customize a trip focused on cheese - visit the farms, attend
demonstrations and, of course, taste cheese. Wine tastings, cooking classes and other
cheese-related activities can also be arranged. Good for: cheese fans, foodies, wine
lovers, beer drinkers

● Head to the Pacific Northwest to explore the Willamette Valley, a cheese factory, craft
beer breweries, food trucks and more. There are so many options and we will help you
decide which are the best fit for you and your group. Good for: foodies, wine lovers, beer
drinkers, cheese fans, chocolate addicts

We can take care of any or all of the details to make your group trip a success. Have a
destination in mind or another interest that we did not mention above? Contact us now as more than likely we can - and want to - assist you.